iPride: Family Pride in Mixed Heritage

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We envision a cohesive multiethnic society based on justice, inclusion, and respect for all human diversity. We actively seek to build and foster broad coalitions that will result in an environment that supports the right of every person to be recognized as whole and complete.


As the nation’s the oldest multiracial justice organization, iPride's mission is to build, cultivate and affirm families and communities across culture and color lines. iPride strives to create a more inclusive and equitable society by educating ourselves, our children, and our communities about the importance of honoring difference and encouraging positive ethnic identity in all people. We are a social justice movement aimed at eliminating educational and socio-cultural disparities, particularly as experienced by Mixed Heritage and Transracially Adopted children, individuals and families.


  • To support individuals of mixed heritage and transracial adoptees in the development of identity and human potential.
  • To create a language to discuss mixed heritage and transracial adoptee identity and experiences.
  • To foster regard and appreciation for the diversity of mixed heritage and transracial adoptee community.
  • To establish a safe space for exploring the complexity of mixed heritage and transracial adoptee experiences.
  • To develop awareness and consciousness of the issues facing mixed heritage and transracial adoptee individuals and families.
  • To encourage solidarity and unity across culture and colors lines.


  • Meaningful learning: We seek to provide an interactive and creative learning experience that fosters individual self-awareness and self-discovery.
  • Safe environment: We are committed to providing a nurturing community and society that values self-esteem, confidence and positive identity development in all people.
  • Community: We recognize that community is a source of connectedness and inclusive relationships for families and youth.
  • Respect: We believe in the inherent dignity and worth of all individuals.
  • Diversity: We strive to serve diverse populations in the Bay Area. Families which include children who are multiracial, biracial, ethnically mixed, and/or transracially adopted.
  • Collaboration: We cultivate partnerships with other organizations and agencies to provide a learning experience based on excellence and quality.


iPride Staff

Tarah Fleming
Co-Director of iPride
(Non-Voting Board Member)

Tarah Fleming is currently the Co-Director of iPride, the longest standing organization in the U.S. dedicated to mixed heritage family pride, and the Director of the Multiethnic Education Program which is a project of iPride in Berkeley, CA. She received her M.A. Ed. at the University of San Francisco in International and Multicultural Education. She has twenty years of experience in the classroom teaching internationally, and locally as a teacher trainer focusing on cultural competency, issues of power and privilege and developing equitable and inclusive curriculum for all ages. She has a biracial son and has over two decades of experience working with multiracial families. She is the executive producer of the film “My People Are…Youth Pride in Mixed Heritage” and of the Educator’s Guide and Video entitled “Serving Biracial and Multiethnic Children and Their Families.” Ms. Fleming is also the founder and director of START DIALOG, Courses in Cultural Competency, a consulting practice for corporate and service agencies.

Jilchristina Vest,
Co-Director of iPride

(Non-Voting Board Member)

Jilchristina is a righteous mixedblood activist of Black, Indian and Euro descent. Originally from Chicago and a resident of the Bay Area for 20 years, she has participated in numerous mixed-race events in addition to having years of experience taking to the streets in the name of anti-racist, feminist, and anti-war struggles. She has 2 bachelors and a masters degree- Women's studies, Black studies, and International and Multicultural Education. She has traveled the globe and is committed to the necessity for mixed race youth and adults to be able to claim their mixed heritage with pride.

iPride Board Members 2006-2008

Andrew Jolivette

Andrew Jolivétte is an assistant professor in the American Indian Studies Department and also teaches in the Ethnic Studies Program at San Francisco State University. He recently completed a Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship through the National Academy of Sciences and the National Research Council. Professor Jolivétte is a mixed-race studies specialist with a particular interest in Comparative Race Relations, Creole studies, Black-Indians, and mixed-race health disparities. Andrew is the author of, Cultural Representation in Native America (AltaMira Press, July 2006) which is a part of the Contemporary Native American Communities Series. Dr. Jolivette also recently received an advance book contract for his second book, "Louisiana Creoles: Cultural Recovery and Mixed Race Native American Identity" to be published sometime in 2007. Andrew will begin work on a third book, "Mixed Race Gay Men and HIV: A Community History" in the fall of 2006.

He received Ph.D. and master's degrees in sociology from the University of California, Santa Cruz. He is the board president of Speak Out Speakers and Artist Agency in Emeryville, California, and also serves as board president of i-Pride, an organization for mixed heritage and transracially adopted youth and their families. He is a Creole of Opelousa, Choctaw, Atakapa, French, African, and Spanish descent.

Logan Gutierrez-Mock
Vice President

Logan Gutierrez-Mock is a 26 year-old, queer, biracial (Chicano/white), Female-to-Male transgender person who has been a youth organizer since the age of 16 and is now a fierce youth ally. He is a sex educator and works as a Peer Educator at Bay Area Young Positives (www.baypositives.org)- the world’s first peer-based HIV/AIDS youth agency.  Logan received his MA in Human Sexuality Studies in 2005 and is currently pursuing his second MA in Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University. His research examines the intersectionality of mixed heritage and transgender identities. One of his many life goals is establishing a field of research focused on mixed heritage and transracially adopted transgender people. Another life goal is to one day own a super cute, fluffy little dog that he can tote around the Castro. Logan also volunteers on the Speaker’s Bureau at Community United Against Violence (www.cuav.org) and with Proyecto Lucha- a queer Latina/o organization in San Francisco. He believes that for true liberation we have to fight all oppressions- preferably while wearing pink!

Nikole Wilson-Ripsom

Nikole Wilson-Ripsom has over 15 years of non-profit organizational experience. Ms. Wilson-Ripsom has been instrumental in creating new non-profit organizations (NPOs), as well as working as both a Development Director and then a Consultant in the fundraising, daily administration, long-term planning, and implementation of special marketing projects for a number of Bay Area NPOs. Her client list has included more than 20 organizations, including Festival at the Lake, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the YWCA, the League of Women Voters, BraveKids, the Future 500, and Oakland Community Pools Project. Ms. Wilson-Ripsom has also worked as an editor of children's books, a buyer for a bookstore, and co-founder and on-air talent for a grassroots radio station. She holds a Master's degree in Education from the University of California at Berkeley, where she also obtained her undergraduate degrees in Mass Communications and African American Literature. She is the mother of one toddling boy and in her rare free time, enjoys knitting and reading.

Sean Anglon

Sean Anglon has been an educator for nine years. For the last six years he has taught in the school district where he grew up, Pittsburg:  four teaching high school English at his alma mater, where he co-created an English course focusing on African-American literature, and two teaching 4th grade at his old elementary.  He began his career teaching English in Japan, where he met his wife; they have two children.

Joemy Ito-Gates
Fusion Program Founder

Joemy is the founder of Fusion. She wrote the initial proposal and curriculum while attending the International Christian University in Tokyo, Japan. She has extensive experience with children domestically as well as internationally. She has designed and led workshops on multiracial identity and Transracial-adoption. She has a B.A. from Smith College and a Multiple Subjects k-8 teaching credential with a CLAD emphasis from the New College of California in San Francisco. She is currently a third grade teacher at Malcolm X Arts and Academics Magnet Elementary School in Berkeley.

Jacqueline Miller

Jacqueline Miller is currently a social worker at Golden Gate Regional Center. She received a BA in Social Work from the University of Georgia and earned her Masters of Social Work, concentrating in Human Services Administration and Planning, from San Francisco State University. She is passionate about youth development and social justice work and has over ten years of successful field experience in teaching, advocacy and community organizing, program development, research, case management and counseling. Jacqueline is actively involved in the mixed heritage community in the Bay area and is the co-founder of Fusion: A Day Summer Camp Program for Mixed Heritage Youth. She conducted a comprehensive qualitative needs assessment of mixed heritage youth and their families in the Bay Area. She has designed and presented professional development trainings to social service organizations on the identity development of mixed heritage adolescents. Additionally, she developed and implemented a Multicultural Education Program for disadvantaged youth. She is proud of her Vietnamese and Western European roots.

Victoria Bruno

Victoria was born in S. Korea, adopted by an Italian-American family and raised in a small, non-diverse town on Long Island. She received her BA in International Development from The American University in Washington, DC. Victoria is a nonprofit management professional whose career has focused on technical assistance/capacity building, training, volunteer management and fundraising. In the DC area, she volunteered for Chingoo, a mentoring program for Korean-adoptees and their families. Victoria moved to the Bay Area in the summer of 2005 and immediately immersed herself in the local adoptee community. Currently, she is on the board of AKA-SF (www.akasf.com), the advisory council for the Adoptee Mentor Program (www.adopteementorprogram.org), volunteers with Pact Adoption Alliance (www.pactadopt.org) and facilitates a monthly transracially adoptive parent group with Our Family Coalition (www.ourfamily.org). Victoria brings candor, openness, commitment, energy and professionalism to her volunteer work. She is truly passionate about helping transracially adoptive parents better understand the transracial adoptee experience so they can become the best stewards of their children’s self-esteem. Her goal is to help parents navigate real life situations in ways that encourage positive racial and cultural identity.

Sachiko Reed

Sachiko Reed is currently working towards a Ph.D. in Sociology from University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC). Her work centers around social justice issues and mixed heritage identity. She is currently a fellow for the Center for Biomolecular Science & Engineering department at UCSC researching implications of health and genomic research and mixed race identity. Sachiko is also researching racial segregation in prisons and conducts interviews with previously incarcerated inmates including those who identify as multi-racial. She earned her masters in Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University examining racial hierarchies, white privilege and EurAsian identity in the Bay Area. She has been in the field of education and youth development for over ten years and was one of the first head counselors for FUSION 2005. Sachiko was born and raised in San Francisco in a biracial, bilingual household and is of Japanese, English, German and Polish descent.

Diego Luna

Bio coming soon.